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RMA Policy
     Warranty policy
AXPRO provide replacement or repair to customer for our defective products within the applicable warranty period.

     Limitation of warranty Please note that AXPRO are not responsible to provide free repair if the defective product is caused by any of the following factors:
(1) Damage caused by a natural calamity.
(2) Product had been repaired or taken apart by unauthorized technical staff.
(3) Warranty label is missing or fractured.
(4) Product serial number is not conforming to our original system or label is fractured.
(5) Products are bought from unauthorized channels.
(6) Instructions in user¡¦s manual are followed incorrectly.

     Whom to be suitable for warranty rules

AXPRO warranty policy applies to all AXPRO products selling at the authorized channels.
     Additional remark
(1) AXPRO cannot guarantee that the data in the flash memory disk is completeness after RMA process. Please copy your data in advance.
(2) As a result of components replacement, customers may not get their original products.
(3) AXPRO may only provide substitute replacement instead of repair when a specific of product is terminate

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